Valvetecq Engineers provides a complete range of solutions for industrialists who are in need for blasting purposes. Along with Industries, we have a crew of members for blasting actions guided by talented Professionals having more than decades of experience in this arena.
Our Team of dexterous and Technical experts fix the problems in cleaning particles valves, automobile equipments and so on with latest equipments as per the requirements specified by clients.
We prove our excellence and experience in the process of Blasting which is carried out by experts for areas include commercial and industrial surface preparation. Hence we assure the process of cleaning small and medium size iron, steel, forgings, non-ferrous castings and many other metals more flexible.

Blasting Applications

Valves Blasting

Our Valvetecq Engineers support the industrialists in the process of valve blasting which is provided with appropriate base provided by us and advanced machineries handled by our Professionals.

Types of Blasting

  • Copper Slag Blasting
  • Grit Blasting(Aluminum Oxide)
  • Grit Blasting (Steel Grit, Chill Iron Grit)
  • Ceramic Blasting
  • Glass Bead Blasting
  • Rice Husk Blasting
  • Garnet Blasting
  • Carrandam Blasting
  • Quatz Blasting
  • Mice Blasting

Temples Blasting

Valvetecq Engineers is provided with latest machineries which are equipped for variety of blasting purposes including the actions of smoothening the temple walls.

Tank Blasting

The Solutions we offer in the process of tank blasting reveals the quality and Engineering principles we are expertise and skilled in.

Conveyor Blasting

Valvetecq Engineers have experts who are ready to work in conveyor blasting process for areas like post -fab structural components, process pipes, plates and others in industries like machine builders, automobiles, steel structure companies and much more.

Automobile equipments

The Professionals in our Valvetecq Engineers provide quality services in the process of blast and paint the automobile equipments.

Transformer equipments

The team of experienced and skilled professionals in our industry takes care of actions required to blast and assemble transformer equipments with the art of state Infrastructure. Hence our equipments provide the ability to derive world class power transformers.

Heavy Structural

We at Valvetecq Engineers assemble several elements and particles for heavy structural steel materials in controlled conditions with the help of automated blasting machines to meet the project specifications and the applications areas like industries where the materials employed.